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*Please Note: All of the writing pieces produced through EssaysOnDemand are written especially for each client. They are uniquely made and designed according to the instructions of our clients. We have an outstanding team of editors who check each assignment that is uploaded by our writers for accuracy in referencing style, content and writing style. No dissertation or research paper that is produced by our writers will ever be published or re-sold. Upon receipt, the customer obtains full rights to the work. As well, it is strongly recommended to our clients that they do not seek to publish, share, or resale the work that they obtain from our company as well.


31 Ways We Can Assist You With your Academic Writing Needs!


1.      Admissions Essay

Not only do we help our clients succeed all the way through college, but we can help them get into college by writing superior admissions essays for them. Our writer know how to write admissions essays that are both effective and impressive, They are always researching to find out just what colleges are looking for in a great admissions essay. Our company will be happy to create one especially for you. And, just like the academic papers that we produce, the admissions essays are built from the ground up with the requirements and specifications that you provide.


2.      Book Reports/Review

The writers at have completed many book reports/reviews. They know how to consider questions carefully and extract deep meanings and concepts from reading assignments. With book reports, the style and intention of the author must be brought to light. The writers at our company have mastered this skill and are ready to use their vast knowledge and ability to create an original book report just for you.


3.      Course Work

Requirements for course work vary by academic institution and instructor. Not only is the work that we produce for our clients guaranteed to be plagiarism free, but also completed according to their individual requirements and specifications. If you have an original idea that you would like to see integrated into your course work just communicate those requirements to us and we will gladly produce a paper with which you will be pleased.


4.      Articles

Our team of expert writers has produced some amazing articles for our clients. The writers that work for our serve have great creativity, ingenuity, style, and expertise. They use these talents to produce articles that are enjoyable to read. The skilled research that they perform uncovers up-to date information that can be integrated into your article writing project.



5.      Dissertation- Abstract chapter

It takes a lot of skill to be able to summative a large dissertation into an abstract. Our writers can produce an abstract of your dissertation that is technically complete, succinct and easy to read. They have had a lot of experience in writing dissertations and understand just how important this section really is. Many students complete their whole dissertation only to find that they have trouble summing up what they have done in so few words. Don’t let this sections stop you in your tracks towards academic success. Let us write this part for you.


6.      Dissertation- Conclusion Chapter

Much like the abstract, the conclusion is a part of the dissertation that often gives many students trouble. They want an effective conclusion to their dissertation without sounding to repetitive. That is where our service comes in. Our writers can create a conclusion for your dissertation that finishes your paper off in grand style. The writhers even have the talent of following your writing style to make sure that the conclusion that they write fits in seamlessly with your entire project.


7.      Dissertation- Introduction

The beginning of a paper is often where writer’s block sets in. You have many great ideas but do not know where to start. Some students even skip this section and leave it for completion at a later time. If you have nothing written on your dissertation and need some help getting started, you can just submit your ideas and the requirements of your dissertation to us and we can have your paper started off right. If you have completed the rest of your dissertation and just need some help with finishing off the introduction, then we are the right service for you as well. In either case, we can create a great introduction to your paper; one that will add value to your dissertation and fulfill your needs.


8.      Dissertation- Methodology Chapter

The methodology chapter is by far one of the most challenging parts of the dissertation to write, as well as the most important. The methodology chapter is where you explain how you will go about your research. Upon this section rests the fate of the majority of the dissertation. Knowing the importance of this chapter, many students feel intimidated by it. If this is the case for you, or you just want to be sure that you get this section right, leave writing the methodology section up to us. We are here to help you through it. Our writers are experts in dissertation methodology. We can create a methodology chapter for your dissertation that will suit your needs.


9.      Essays

Essays are commonly assigned to students; however they can sometimes be a real challenge to complete. The truth is that anybody can just write out an essay, but not everyone can write an essay that is good. If you get people that are highly educated and experienced to complete your essay, you will have an essay to turn in that has been written perfectly and will fulfill all of the requirements.


10.  Laboratory Report

It takes a lot of knowledge and skill to write these kinds of reports. Many students find them to be quite a challenge. We have expert writers who specialize in writing lab reports. Regardless as to what type of laboratory report you may need we can write one that fulfills your requirements.


11.  Movie Reviews

Often students are assigned the task of writing a movie review.  It can be quite a challenge to properly assess a movie. For this reason many people rely on movie critics, who have the special skills required to critically analyze a film. A student may have a difficult time knowing just what they want to put in their critique, but we have many experts that are available to help them.  If you are faced with the task of writing a movie review then use our service to get the job done. You will save time and get a good grade.


12.  PowerPoint Presentation

Having to create a PowerPoint has become an inevitable part of the college student’s life. They serve as essential element of presentations in every field of study. However, creating an impressive PowerPoint that will function smoothly with the material you plan to present takes a lot of knowledge, experience and skill that many students just do not have. Some students can create an effective PowerPoint presentation but they find their design ideas to be mediocre and they really want to impress their professors and classmates. They want to get a good grade. If you want to have an excellent PowerPoint presentation then send the assignment in to our service and we will create one just for you. Our professionals are experts in the design of PowerPoint presentations and they can create a great one for you.


13.  Research Paper

It takes a lot of skill to write a good research paper. This type of assignment requires not only great writing skills, but organizational skills, research skills, and citations skills. They require the ability to write out methodology and follow it. Research papers also make use of logical and critical thinking skills. If you have been given the daunting task of creating a research paper, then let us handle it for you. With us you will get excellent work done within the deadline that you set.


14.  Speech

Speech writing is an art. It takes an excellent writer to create a speech that is both informative and enjoyable for the audience. If you have a major speech presentation upcoming, use our services to have a speech written just for you. All of the speeches that we create are custom written for each client and contains all of the elements that they specify. Need a highly scientific or technological essay that also keeps the audience engaged while featuring a bit of humor? No problem, we have the right writer for you.


15.  Term Paper

A term paper is meant to represent the knowledge that you have obtained during the entire course. They can often be challenging as students find that they have to return their focus to concepts that they learned many months before. Good thing you found out all about our service. You do not have to waste time trying to dig up all those old notes that you took in class. Who knows where they are anyway. Leave the writing of your term paper up to us. We have experts that have majored in every field of study. We can get the one best qualified by topic to do your paper. Now you can spend that time doing something that you would rather be doing.


16.  Thesis Proposal

The thesis proposal is a way that professors can make sure that their students are on the right track when it comes to their research. Writing the thesis proposal is in itself a demonstration of skill. In the thesis proposals there are many elements that must be explained accurately in order for it to be accepted. The writers at can design a thesis proposal that is innovative by design and accurate in fulfilling the requirements.


17.  Annotative Bibliography

Some students find the references page challenging enough without having the additional requirements that an annotative bibliography has. In this assignment students have to go beyond just writing a general description of some papers that they read and include quality sources that add on to the topic under address. In the annotative bibliography the relevance of the sources to the research topic must be proven. Our expert writers can write an annotative bibliography for you. They have written many annotative bibliographies and know what it takes to write a good one.


18.  Articles Review

With reviews the writer has to go beyond the face value of the articles that they read to explore hidden meanings and concepts. Such reviews require not only great writing skills, but knowledge about the topic under exploration and great critical thinking skills. The reviewer has to be able to take a position on the information presented in the article and be able to thoroughly explain their point of view. Writing article reviews is just one of the many great services that we offer. We can have a great article review written for you in a very short time.


19.  Case Analysis

Many students find it difficult to do a case analysis. It can be quite a time and energy consuming task. Yet, case analyses are considered to be one of the greatest teaching methods available. Therefore, a student is guaranteed to be assigned one at least once in their academic career. Some students have to perform case analysis very often during their studies. If you have to write a case analysis, using our services to get the job done is a very intelligent idea. Our writers are great at performing and writing case analyses. And, since we have experts in every field of study, we can get the most qualified writer to do a case analysis for you.


20.  The Dissertation

Some of our clients write the majority of their dissertation themselves, but finds that they need help with some chapter or part. Thankfully our service is here to help them. Having written many dissertations, our writers are experts on all of the elements that must go into a successful dissertation.  For example, we can produce any section of you dissertation, such as the indirection, methodology, data analysis, literature review, or conclusion. You can even opt to have us write the whole thing.


21.  The Dissertation- Analysis Chapter

This is a section that is vital to the whole dissertation. It is here that the hypothesis is either supported or disproved. Often there are a lot of statistics involved in the completion of this chapter. The student has to be able to draw conclusions based on the data that they have obtained for the sake of their research. At we have the capacity to assist you with the completion of your dissertation by writing an analysis chapter for you; one that will fit in with the rest of your dissertation and make your paper great.


22.  The Dissertation- Editing and proofreading

Maybe you have written your whole dissertation and just need someone who is objective to look it over for you. Our writers will be happy to do just that. They will make any necessary changes and inform you of their updates. Submitting your dissertation to us for review is like having your own quality assurance department. You can give the paper to us to check, we will fix it for you and you will get a great grade.


23.  The Dissertation- Literature Review

The literature review of a dissertation is the section where the foundational studies that inspired your research are presented. This chapter requires a lot of knowledge in the field of study as case studies must be critically analyses. In the literature review it is featured not only what the other research was about but what the current researcher feels about the research that came before theirs. This can be a very challenging chapter of the dissertation to write. Many students come to us just for the sake of having their literature review done. When they use our services they are often impressed with the great literature reviews that they receive. Our anti-plagiarism software helps to ensure that the paper produced for them will meet their needs.


24.  Editing and Proofreading

Many clients have written their own papers and just need someone to look it over for them. It can be hard to spot every mistake, especially in lengthy papers such as dissertations. Let your paper be checked by a professional before your turn it in. The writers are not only going to identify any errors, but they are going to correct them for you as well.


25.  Information/Computer Technology

This is a field that requires in-depth knowledge and strong mathematical skills. Our company can handle both technical and non-technical projects. You do not have to let the complexities of computer technology burden you. We are here to help.


26.  Mathematics/ Finance Problems

There are many students who find math problems to be an area of particular difficulty. Some of them would even rather get the low score than confront having to solve a difficult math problem. If this is your case, you do not have to be concerned or get a low score. Let our math experts solve difficult math problems for you.


27.  Multiple Choice Questions

Even though there is not much writing that has to be done on these types of assignments, multiple choice questions can still be quite a challenge. Not only do they require knowledge about the topic in question, but they require fast critical thinking. Our professionals can handle your multiple choice assignment quickly and get you a perfect score.


28.  Reaction Paper

These types of papers are often assigned to students at the university level. Their purpose is to assess your understanding about the topic at hand. However, some find that it is very difficult to express ideas. Having a good reaction paper can be a key helper in your academic success. At Essaysondemand we can help you by producing a high quality reaction paper just for you.


29.  Research Proposal

The research proposal is the blueprint of projects. It lays out a step-by step plan to the project. The purpose of the research proposal is to not only demonstrate knowledge of proper research techniques and knowledge of the topic up for discussion, but to organize your research and ensure that you are off to the right start from the very beginning. Therefore, the proposal is not just another thing to be graded on, but a way to help ensure that your research is a success. However, designing a research proposal can be quite challenging. Let our team of writers use their special skills to create a research proposal that you can be proud of.


30.  Statistics Project

Knowing all the various statistical methods and theories is required to complete a high quality statistics project. Many dissertations in various fields also require a large section on statistics. At our company, we have retired statistics professors who will be happy to work on your project and ensure your success.


31.  Thesis

Coming up with a thesis for a paper and expressing it properly is a requirement that frustrates many students. The thesis of a paper has to be clear and concise. It takes special skills to be able to quickly design and compose an effective thesis statement. The teams of writers we have at our disposal have plenty of experience in writing thesis statements. Let an educated professional design a thesis statement for you,



This is just a few of the types of assignments that we are able to complete. Professors often assign special writing assignments that do not fall under one of these categories. If you have any questions about the types of academic writing pieces that we can produce, feel free to contact us at any time and we will gladly address your concerns. Remember that at our company your confidentiality is protected by our privacy_policy. We are sure that you will be satisfied with our services. All of the work done in our company is protected by our guarantees.