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In order to make it easier for those who are thinking about using the great writing services of, our company offers a discount to those who have never placed an order with us before. New customers are eligible for a discount of 10% off their first order. Fill out the order form and you can see the discount of 10% applied to your total price on preview page. This is a discount that can be applied to any type of assignment and any size order. So that means that if you are unfamiliar with our services, there are at least two great benefits to be had. The first benefit is, of course, saving money off the cost of your project. The second benefit is discovering a great academic writing firm that you can rely on. Now you can have that term paper, research paper, custom essay, dissertation, case study done fast and at an affordable price.

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Those who have already placed an order with us know how valuable our service is and are happy that they had the opportunity to take advantage of the discounts that we offer our first time customers. However, the savings do not have to stop at your first order. We know that saving money on great services is just as important the second time around. For this reason, offers discounts to our returning customers. They can take advantage of the high pages discounts that are explained below or contact our support staff to take advantage of some of the other special discounts that our company offers.

We Offer High Pages Discounts for Larger Orders:

When having to pay by page, a very long assignment can be quite pricy. However, when you can save by page, those large orders become quite affordable. We at want to do as much as we can to help our customers succeed. One of the ways we do this is by offering discounts that are based on the number of pages in an order. Our Silver discount offer is for assignments that require 15-50 pages of writing. Orders of this length can receive a discount of 15%. The amount of the discount increases to 20% for orders of 51-100 pages, which fall under the category of our Gold offer. More precious than gold is platinum and falling into the platinum offer category with an order of 101 pages or more can being a savings of 25%. We encourage you to take advantage of these great discounts by placing your order today.

Offer Page Range Rate of Discount
Silver 15-50 15.00%
Gold 51-100 20.00%
Platinum 101 ONWARDS 25.00%